Nursing Essentials for New Moms

I was generally uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding until my baby was born. I honestly didn’t know much about it, and I wasn’t sure it was right me. The negative stories I had heard far outweighed the positive ones, but I was committed to trying regardless of the outcome. I hope sharing my experience might help other new moms who may be struggling with nursing.

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Welcome to Graceful Lane! My name is Stephanie, and I became a mom for the first time at 40. I’m also a wife, business owner and lifestyle blogger. I love exploring new ideas for balancing motherhood, style, beauty and health. I hope you’ll follow and feel free to reach out to me at

Pregnant at 40

What’s it like to be pregnant at 40? A woman asked me that question at the doctor’s office at the end of my third trimester. She was 40 and hoping to one day have a baby, too. I had survived the “what if I can’t get pregnant at this age” emotional rollercoaster and had almost made it to the finish line.

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Being Present in Motherhood

I knew time would fast forward as soon as I went back to work after maternity leave. Here I am, four months later, wondering where the summer went. Being present in motherhood is important to me, but I definitely have room for improvement.

Best Fall 2018 Nail Colors

What goes better with maple pecan and pumpkin spice lattes than beautiful fall nail colors? Autumn shades are the perfect accessory for fall florals and animal prints. Here are some of my favorite shades for 2018…