Nursing Essentials for New Moms

I was generally uncomfortable with the idea of breastfeeding until my baby was born. I honestly didn’t know much about it, and I wasn’t sure it was right me. The negative stories I had heard far outweighed the positive ones, but I was committed to trying regardless of the outcome.

While I was pregnant, I wanted to learn as much as I could about nursing. I signed up for two classes at the hospital where I would be delivering, Breastfeeding 101 and 102. The instructors were wonderful and answered my questions. I had a lot! After six hours of class, I was more informed but intimidated.

I purchased a breast pump at the hospital before the baby was born. I decided on the Spectra 2, a user-friendly breast pump for first-time moms. The pump came with flanges in two sizes, two duckbill valves, “backflow protectors” to protect milk from bacteria, two bottles, a power adaptor and a built-in nightlight. The Spectra bottles ended up being my favorite of all the brands I tried.

The Spectra 2 pump is light and it’s not too big, maybe a little smaller than a soccer ball. It fits comfortably in my diaper bag. Additional parts for the Spectra 2 can be ordered from Amazon. I highly recommend doing that because it’s nice to have extras clean and ready to go. I ordered extra flanges, valves, backflow protectors and a power adapter for the car. 

The uncertainty I had about breastfeeding faded away the moment James was born. All I cared about was doing what was best for him, and I was hopeful everything would work out for us.

The first couple of days I couldn’t tell if it I was doing it right. The baby is so sleepy and so tiny, and I was overthinking the right position, latching, etc. I was trying to remember everything I learned in class! I found the “football hold” worked best for us in the hospital, and we switched to a “cross-cradle hold” once we were home using a Boppy pillow.

I expressed my concern to one of the nurses, and she said to me, “It’s ok. This is new for both of you.” I don’t know why but those simple words helped relieve the stress I had over breastfeeding. I felt encouraged, like my baby and I were in this together. A mother and son team!

Products that Help with Breastfeeding 

The first 4-5 weeks of nursing, however, were rough. My life revolved 100% around breastfeeding. I also found it painful. I couldn’t understand why something that was supposed to be so beneficial for the baby seemed so difficult for the mother.

It may have been painful because I was doing it wrong, but my baby was growing and gaining weight so something was going right. While he was in good shape, I was desperate for relief!

There was no quick fix. I just had to keep going until I got over the hump, but I did find several products that helped me get there. The good news is that breastfeeding does get easier! Here’s a list of nursing products that helped me survive the first few weeks of breastfeeding:

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** DISCLAIMER:  I’m not a lactation expert or qualified to give breastfeeding advice. I’m sharing my personal experience only. **

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